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The Draconian Empire ...
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The Draconian Empire (10,000 years before) (updated 2011/07/10)

After the Breaking, while most Avatara were hunting Kha'din, the gods chose some of the Avatara for a great and noble quest. They were to scour the world of those dragons who had betrayed their trust. Furthermore, they were to conquer and subdue all the lands, to make them inhospitable to the fallen dragons and Kha'din.

The fallen dragons had already been cursed by Hruul and their legs had shriveled up or fallen off, forcing them to crawl in the dust on their bellies. Nonetheless, they were still terrible, with breath of flame and acid. These worthless souls no longer deserved to be called Dragons, but were now Wyrms.

In their haste and righteous zeal, the Baal rode roughshod over Ambar, conquering and enslaving countless nations of men and other Eldar. They built vast cities, shrines, temples and strongholds to the glory of their gods, whom they soon came to depict as celestial dragons. The Baal swiftly forged an empire that ringed the landlocked ocean originally known as the "Inner Sea", but was now called the "Dragon Sea". This was a time of terror for most peoples, who have an instinctual fear of both the Baal and Dragons to this day.