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1.7. Character Advancement
Legends 04/03
Legends 03/13
1.8. Minions
Legends 03/13
Legends 02/07
Free Guilds
Dragon Isles of Ambar 2013/12/05
Legends 2013/11/28
Diceless GM
Legends Game Design 2013/11/26
optional: Alternative Dice and Diceless Methods
Legends 2013/11/26
Roleplaying with Your Kids
Legends 2013/11/26
Diceless Method: Rock-Paper-Scissors
Legends 2013/11/26

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Part 3 - Gangs of Wyrmsprawl
879 - The Burners of Ashenrise (Campaign)

Stuff of Legend! (updated 2013/11/07)

Stuff of Legend! is the home of a roleplaying game system and campaign world.

Dragon Isles of Ambar (updated 2011/10/02)

The Dragon Isles of Ambar is a fantasy campaign setting and the basis of the Dragonhawk campaigns.

The Dragon Isles float under a sky filled with nine fragments of the shattered moon. This is a dangerous land of unfolding mystery, adventure, and wonder.

For ten-thousand years the Draconian Empire held the known world in an adamant grasp, with invincible city-states and temples to their exacting Dragon Gods along every shore. The immortal Baal dominated every nation who stood against them, save for the crafty Southmarens and barbaric Kith of the icy wastes. When the Draconian Empire suddenly collapsed, Southmarens were quick to fill the void, for their white-sailed Southmaren ships were already a frequent sight on every shore. In the north, new cities arose upon the ruins of the old as the vibrant Young Kingdoms of the Alorns were born.

In resettling the Baal ruins, the young nations have discovered a secret--the ancient cities were themselves founded upon even older ruins hewn from fragment [ more... ]

Dragonhawk (updated 2011/07/16)

The Dragonhawk Campaigns are a collection of roleplaying campaigns based in the Dragon Isles of Ambar. Spanning over ten years of play, the campaigns together tell the story of lost secrets, the rediscovery of ancient strongholds of good, their release from the clutches of darkness, and the rise of new nations. The ancient dragons that were once defeated by darkness are being reborn anew.

For thousands of years, the people of the lands around the Dragon Sea languished in slavery under the rule of the Baal and their dragons. Many of the ruling lords were secretly members of the Baal'Mot--the forbidden order of necroalchemists cast [ more... ]

Legends (updated 2013/11/13)

The Legends Roleplaying System is a rules-light pencil-and-paper roleplaying game that emphasizes free-form character creation and roleplaying.

Design Tenets:

Legends has an especially flexible and freeform character creation process. Each player writes a backstory for his character, and then outlines key Themes such as "grizzled old soldier", "master swordsman", or "black wizard". Next, smaller details and gear are written down as Traits within the Themes, so the "grizzled old soldier" might know how to "bellow a war cry", have a [ more... ]

Legends Campaign Supplements (updated 2013/11/13)

This section contains supplements for particular campaigns. These might be useful for running a similar campaign.

Legends Game Design (updated 2013/11/28)

Legends is still a work in process, and this section reveals some of the past and future of the system.