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4. Burning Dice (Influence)
Legends 2016/07/20
6. Using Special Abilities
Legends 2016/07/20
1.9. Frameworks
Legends 2016/07/20
1. Dice Checks
Legends 2016/07/20
1.4. Beliefs
Legends 2016/07/15
1. Characters
Legends 2016/07/14
1.1. Sample Character: "Drayandir the Swift"
Legends 2016/07/14
game design: Character Refinement
Legends 2016/07/14
1.5. Instincts
Legends 2016/07/14
1.5. Instincts
Legends 2016/07/14

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879 - The Burners of Ashenrise (Campaign)

Stuff of Legend! (updated 2015/10/05)

Stuff of Legend! is the home of a roleplaying game system and campaign world.

Dragon Isles of Ambar (updated 2014/12/09)

The Dragon Isles of Ambar is a fantasy campaign setting and the basis of the Dragonhawk campaigns. This is a dangerous land of unfolding mystery, adventure, and wonder.

The Dragon Isles of Ambar float beneath nine moons

Since the beginning of recorded history, the immortal Draconian Empire has held the known world in an adamant grasp, with invincible city-states and temples to their exacting Dragon Gods along every shore. The ageless dragon-scarred Baal dominated every people who would not bow to the Urumaiar dragon gods, save for the crafty Southmarens and stubborn Kith of the icy wastes. The Baal not only controlled the cities, but also were strict wardens of "dangerous" knowledge, particularly accounts of prehistorical events and non-draconic magics and faiths. The Baal were hard masters, and the long years were not kind to the mortal races: most of whom can only recall the sharp tail of the long-lived empire, an era of slow decline marked with demonstrations of power, often made more hars [ more... ]

Legends (updated 2016/07/20)

The Legends Roleplaying System is a lightweight pencil-and-paper roleplaying game that emphasizes free-form character creation and flexible game play. Legends keeps your game focused on roleplaying the characters you want to play.

Freeform Characters

Legends has an especially flexible and liberating character creation process. The "character sheet" is collection of freeform Themes and Traits. Everything is written in the players own words; there are no numbers or stats on the character sheet, nor are there any prescriptive lists of classes, skills, or items.

Each player creates his character by outlining four key Themes such as "grizzled old soldier", "renowned swordsman", "world explorer", and "secretly a black wizard". Next, smaller details and gear are written down as Traits within the Themes, so the "grizzled old soldier" Theme might include Traits like "war cry", "strong arm". Items are also Traits, so he might have a "notched longsword" and wear a "chainmail hauberk".

The focus i [ more... ]

Legends Campaign Supplements (updated 2014/12/08)

This section contains supplements for particular campaigns. These might be useful for running a similar campaign.

Game Design (updated 2015/02/18)

This is a section for me to collect ideas and write about stuff that isn't necessarily ready for prime time. Legends is still a work in process, and this section reveals some of the past and future of the system.